India and it’s Mysteries

India, the country that is considered the oldest country to have had a well-planned city with the oldest civilization in the entire world also has some hidden truths that not many know about. This country has created wonders in every field. This country stays unparalleled in fields of science to arts. All of us know that India was the country to establish the first mahaviharas or universities namely- Takshila, Nalanda and Vikramshila. Being the oldest civilization of the world you are obvious to discover the most precious knowledge that the world can rely upon. The entire philosophy of having a well-planned education system had already emerged in India even before universities came into existence.  Also these universities taught subjects that the world came to know about much later. We all are aware that zero was invented in India and when you are the founder of zero one must recognize the fact that you are the founder of the very base of mathematics.  

Many people will be surprised to know that the technique of Plastic Surgery and Nose Reconstruction was discovered in India Shusrut being the founding father. This was when the world was still struggling to establish proper medicines in the world; an Indian did it in the 6Th century BCE. 

It is still a mystery as of how did our ancestor’s actually initiated such researches. It is surprising about how they actually work out such researches without any actual or literal instruments that scientists actually use today. And as to why I actually say this is because of an observation I found in Hanuman Chalisa. Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Saint Goswami Tulsidas who is also the founder of Ram Carit Manas in the Avadhi language. He had composed Hanuman Chalisa in Kashi during 1532-1623. A really astonishing fact about our unverse was stated by Tulsidas in the Chalisa. One particular shloka of the Chalisa consists of the nearly exact distance of Sun from the Earth. The Shloka is :

Yug sahastra yojan par bhanu

Leelyo Tahi madhur phal Janu

The first line of this particular shloka consists of a mathematical calculation, which when simplified gives the distance between the Sun and Earth. So the line can be simplified in the manner that is stated below:

Yug sahastra yojan par bhanu


 1 Yug = 1296000 (Duration of Treta Yug which is the time when Ramayan actually happened)

  1 Sahastra= 1000

  1 yojan= 7.64 miles

1 mile = 1.6 kilometers

Now when we calculate this we get;

Yug * sahastra *  yojan =  par bhanu ( bhanu is the Sanskrit word for the sun)

That is,

1296000 * 1000 * 7.64 miles =  9,901,440,000 miles

Now one mile is = 1.6 km


9,901,440,000 miles * 1.6 km =15,931,416,960 km

The sun is at the centre of the solar system. The planets revolve around the sun. The orbit of the earth is elliptical, or slightly oval shaped. Hence there is one point in the orbit where Earth is closest to the Sun i.e.; the PERIGEE or the PERIHELION, and another where earth is farthest from the sun which is called APOGEE or APHELION. The earth keeps on revolving around the sun always. Hence, the distance of the earth from the sun might vary as its position changes on its orbit.

 The distance that has been stated by NASA is 150 million km. Which quite close to what the Chalisa has stated? It is surprising that how out scriptures have given such meaningful contents which can help us attain the knowledge about our universe. It is quite unfortunate that it is hardly recognized and accepted. The worst is that any research works provided in the present time by scholars consisting of such scriptures are considered supporters of fundamentalists. Because of such “so called protectors of secularism” we are pushing ourselves towards our own end. If we start considering our scriptures as research books and historical texts, we might be leading the world towards an entire new scenario of development and help our county grow alongside. When NASA recorded the vibration of the sun the sound created was OM! And OM is the sound that the universe produces naturally. Hence it is used while performing Yoga. It is the natural sound that is present in the universe. Some great minds make it a religious issue and restrain themselves from performing Yoga. Well! That’s their loss not anyone else’s problem. Moving on, I just want to say this that the kind of intolerance that a few groups of people are creating can one day result in the loss of our very own ancient culture and worth. Not only will we lose our age old traditions but also regret it. Hence, it’s better to work instead of regretting later. Let us not bring religion to every aspect of life and let us not be divided in the name of god. Because I strongly believe that God can never divide, he can only unite. Let us not be deceived by the irrational scenario presented to us and once again become that one incredible India that we always were because deep down we all know that:

Tu hi Ram hai tu Rahim hai,

Tu karim Krishna khuda hua,

Tu hi waheguru tu ishumashi

Har nam me to sama raha….

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