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My Brief CV and Articles Published

Sanskriti Singh is the author of three books named “Ram’s Sister: True Scion of Raghu”, “The Flawed Good Man”, “Shanta – Raghukul Ki Vanshaj(Hindi Edition) and an avid reader.  She has grown up reading and listening to the stories of Smrities, Shruties, Itihas, and Shastras.  She writes articles in the regional daily “The Shillong Times” and “Meghalaya Times”. Furthermore, she has won many national level essay writing competitions and her work has been admired by prominent mythologists of India. You can find some of her articles on Google with titles like .

1. Sita, not Ram’s Story Retold, Published in The Shillong Times
2. New-age Ramayana,  Published in The Shillong Times
3. Women in the desert kingdom,  Published in The Shillong Times
4. Urmila’s story,  Published in The Shillong Times
5. History, not Myth,  Published in The Shillong Times
6. Imprisoned Princess,  Published in The Shillong Times
7. 150 reasons why Godse killed Mahatma, Published in The Shillong Times
8. Kshatriya Princes, Published in The Shillong Times
9. Rowling Gripping Murder Mystery, Published in The Shillong Times
10. Struggle of Kurds, Published in The Shillong Times
11. New murder mystery by JKR, Published in The Shillong Times
12. Interview of Sanskriti about her first book, Published in The Shillong Times 
13. Reading the Dictator’s Mind, Published in The Shillong Times
14. Retelling the Story of Sita, Published in Meghalaya Times
15. Learn to Live Like a Child, Published in The Shillong Times
16. Time to go back to Chanakaya Niti, Published in The Shillong Times.
17. True Justice, Published in The Shillong Times
18. India and its Mysteries, Published in Shillong Times.
19. Walking on the Untrodden Road, Published in Meghalaya
20. Need to get organished: Try Bullet Journal, Published in Meghalaya Times
21. Ram’s Sister: True Scion of Raghu, Published by 24by 7 publisher(Kolkata, WB) 2018
22.  The Flawed Good Man, Published by Leadstarts (Traditional Publisher Mumbai, Maharastra),  2021.
 23.   शांता: रघुकुल की बंसज, Published by Rajmangal (Aligarh UP) 

All these book reviews and articles are available to download under the Download section. She is deeply interested in the subjects that can be explained not only through spirituality but also by logic and sciences, mythology is one of the subjects that can have logical and spiritual explanations if looked for with dedication and is her favorite. She is a lover of art, mythology, and history. You can connect with her through social media platforms like Instagram (@im_sanskritisingh) or through Twitter(@Sanskriti2390) or go to her page and profile with the same name (i.e. Sanskriti Singh)
At present, I am pursuing my passion, Bachelor of Arts (4nd Semester) in Archaeology, Department of Archaeology, Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Baroda, Gujarat. 


धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यो मा नो धर्मो हतोऽवधीत् ॥