Shanta: Ram’s Sister

A year has passed since I published my book Ram’s Sister: True scion of Raghu. It is a mythological fiction which speaks the story of Shanta the elder sister of Lord Ram. The woman who was lost long ago in the pages of itihas. A strong woman is always despised by this world. She is always treated as a threat to mankind. The society always want’s women with strong determined ideas to remain silent.

This is basically not a blog but an introduction to my first book. The book that was the beginning of my journey as a writer. The zest of the book is written below:

About the Book Ram’s Sister :

Ram the young prince of Ayodhya comes back after completing his education. He sees a statue in his mother’s room. Sumitra informs him about his elder sister, the true scion of raghu.

“I fear my imperfections maa. The fear of imperfection, the fear of never being good enough makes me thrive for his one word of love. But my imperfections always surpass my perfections. And I never gain what I want to.” said Shanta.

“Your imperfections make you perfect Shanta. Remember that without losing, winning isn’t great”

Witness the forgotten tale of this great women, Shanta. How she faces her struggles, passes her share of tests and evolves as life takes surprising turns.

I cherish all your comments and reviews. Do feel free to send your queries and comments. For now the links to buy this book are listed below:

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Ram’s Sister: True scion of Raghu

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