Sita : Daughter of the Earth

The book written by Saraswati Nagpal is a beautiful outline of Ramayana. For starters it is an easy and convenient method to understand the main essence of the epic. The story has been started with an explanation of minutes detail of Ramayana. It has an image of Sita explaining  “treta yuga” and the structure of Bharat land and there after the novel begins with explanation of king Janak’s life. The story has begun with the generous and kind behavior of king Janak and Rani Sunaina.  As usual sita is depicted as the Bhoomija (lady born from the earth). A girl grown up amids the luxury and love of family is married to the prince of Ayodhya. Sita shines like Sakshmi in haven rejoicing in the love of Ram. This love grew because of the planted belief and thrust among them.

Ram is secondly punished to a 14 years of exile. He along with Sita and Lakshman then comes the abduction of Sita by Ravan and also her anticipation. After the anticipatin comes her second exile. There was not much added to story. It is a simple outline of Ramayana depicted with picture explanation for Child reader. It did not give me the inner essence of Sita’s Characters.

But, I must appreciate the graphics. The novel has splendid pictures. It certainly has an effect of the Bollywood cinema’s. The depiction of Sita and Ram has given an enchanting effect to the Book.

I would suggest the readers to own this book as it has a beautiful picturesque.

Book: Sita: Daughter of Earth

Author : Saraswati Nagpal

Publisher : Campfire

Page- 91  Cost- 275/-


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